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Company profileInnovation leads development

Dedicated to the development and sales of daily-use lighting products; optoelectronic products, computer software and hardware technology development and sales; Computer information system integration; audio and video conference system, multimedia system, On-site installation and technical consultation of electronic screen display system, security monitoring, anti-theft system, automatic control system.

Technical development of LED products; LED light-emitting diodes, LED light sources, LED drive power supplies, LED modules, LED lighting fixtures, LED intelligent control systems and R&D and sales of Wujinjiaodian; LED lighting, optoelectronic products research and development and design. Operating e-commerce; domestic trade, operating import and export business.

People are predominant and light is supplementary. With the leading edge technology of light as the guidance, create a harmonious light environment. Man, light and substance.

Main Products

Baking and making lamps

A major brand of baking lighting, display cabinet, refrigeratory line lamp production and optical distribution. Focus on baking market. To solve the pain point of optical distribution in bakery stores, so that photosynthesis is suitable, reasonable and appropriate distribution in your store space, Zhongdao cabinet, refrigerators and other occasions requiring special optical distribution. Let optics create a good shopping environment, customers are willing to stay in your store. Make your baking products different, let light stimulate customers'strong purchasing desire psychologically, and promote consumer demand.

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    Four buildings and four floors of Hongfa High-tech Park, Tangtou Avenue, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City

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